AZIR MORIS’ Caravan of Truth – 2nd outing

Assessing a Social Disaster in Vallee Pitot, Mauritius

The second edition of the Caravan of Truth took place on Sunday, 02nd of October 2011. It just unveiled another appalling piece of Modern Mauritius where in Vallee Pitot, We witnessed the slow slaughtering of our youth.

If our first site assessment in Tranquebar, Baie du Tombeau and Roche-Bois showed poor lodging and environmental accommodation issues for more than 500 people, last Sunday showed an even more damning image of Mauritian administrators. It showed their criminal side, their most corrupt side, that side that bribes lowly educated people into getting themselves into a vicious circle, amidst a self-built insalubrious ghetto, on crumbly mountain sides.

We were at the heart of a social disaster, 5 minutes off central Port Louis, listening to sad testimonials of entire families struck by Drugs, Infantile Prostitution and Pedophilia. Some may say: “We already know that…”

More than ever, I re-affirmed my committment to Azir Moris as it vows to never waive its war over a dirty system which allows drug dealers and traffickers enrich over the corpses of 14yr-olds addicts and HIV-struck parents and children and get away with it. In fact, we vow to take the pressure off the “ti-dimounn’s” shoulders and take it where it belongs, that is on the heads of our governing pachas, rotten, unreliable NGOs and make them pay for each and every proven incompetence and criminal doing.

I could not feel numb

My heart bled over what I saw and heard that day and yet we haven’t seen even an hundredth of shocking Mauritiius. When one knows that this country has set legal obligations over the CSR issue of profit-makers, he remains speechless with a question stuck down his throat and anger storming his entire self:

What do they do with these Billions of Rupees? Enhancing facades?

Where are these NGO’s engulfing Billions of rupees?

In 2 outings we didn’t see one of them on the terrain! We only saw ti-dimounn helping ti-dimounn out… Poor helping the poor, helpless mothers, futureless youngsters…

Shame on you crazy diamond… It’s no more a plaisir !

Time has come… The time has come for them to know that AZIR MORIS is not just a toothless barker… Be AWARE, More than ever: AR NOU NON!

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