Welcome to Alain Bertrand’s Blog about a New Mauritius!

Yeah! I am Alain BERTRAND, social activist from beautiful Mauritius Island. I am involved with Facebook-spawned social movement, AZIR MORIS, as we look at changing Mauritius by fighting local Communalism, Corruption, Bad Governance and Dirty Politics. Even if I do not mingle with existing local political parties, I am a rightist who believes in capitalism with a serious social face. Where some consider that this could be Utopia, I believe that empowering people at grass-root level, is the secret for sustainable development on Social, Ecological and Economic fronts. I am fully convinced that Education is the basis of everything.

I’ll  be commenting Mauritius’ political situation, with much emphasis on issues that distort and destroy the social and economic fabric of the country.

Thank you to read me, comment and debate, herein.


  1. rinnky · October 6, 2011

    politics sucks in Mauritius..we need to raise the level of politics around..make them realise that its we people who give them that seat where they are sitting n make them know that they are answerable to us for whatever happens around…

    Education is the key to success n Government need to make a must to keep a follow up that all kids are getting a proper education n make our little Mauritius an Education Hub

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