En route for a White Christmas…

Ever danced on a White Christmas?

And Yes! Less than 50 days before Christmas.

While some are getting ready for their white one, we the People of Mauritius are still wondering how ours will be: Black, Red, Blue, Mauve…
One thing is sure, it’s gonna be another bitter one, politically speaking.

Dark, Filthy… and Yet…

If I ever wanted to see dark filthy political machinations in Mauritius, this last week made my very day, with obvious questions wiggling in my little head.
How can one mauritian digest such jingle jots from these MPs who think non-else than to stick to some sort of scientific communal gamble and to the power stations attached therewith?

The Mayhem Factors


I am very much stunned by the Mauritian people’s stoicism in front of a Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam who abuses of National TV to organize his own political image into an inevitable figure of Modern Mauritius, while making partisan, out-of-focus, cross-references from sacred books  to secure the good thoughts and perks of Socio-Cultural associations. He is succeeding into turning a wider bunch of honest Mauritians into red and blue followers, at a time when social protest has been to its highest levels since 1975. And the supposedly opposition MMM party is not helping out either.


Even more stunned when Opposition leader Paul Berenger decides that the fate of Mauritius’ strongest stand-alone political party MMM, should be tied up with scandal-soaked Pravin Jugnauth’s MSM, without once again, anyone standing and voicing out against that kind of dirty politics. Forty years have passed by and politics have been fractionating Mauritian society into ethnical percents, dividing to rule overtime! The occult forces even have a legit definition for such wrong-doing. They call it Scientific Communalism.

The Scandals

On the darker side, again, The Khamajeet mishap, The Medpoint scam, The Betamax scandal, the MT unrest and the shortcoming unjustified CWA and WWA water rates raise, have all failed to trigger popular uproar.

In fact, with a view from my bridge, at first sight, it looked like there was no way out of there, nowhere and nobody to run to. But then again, that was a state of mind that showed no faith in our fellow Mauritians and their capacities to raise head and display absolute abnegation against those ruining our beautiful people.

Thanks God… Some Good Men Rose and Shone…

By the ending point of this year, names like Jameel PEERALLY, Ashok SUBRON, Nilen VENCADASMY stood off the lot, with much promises of a new Mauritius that would go up without communalism, corruption and solidly united. We can but just pray and support them to succeed.


These two local freedom fighters are still out engaging the Queen’s Privy Council for the Blok 104 Collective, a group of 104 Mauritians whose applications to run for MP seats in 2010 General Elections were rejected, as they refused to disclose their ethnic affiliation, upon registration as candidates. Debates are still on in the London appeal, against an army of lawyers hired by cornered Mauritian government  to defend that unconstitutional, ridiculously proud sectarian best losers’ rule of our electoral system.
The positive outcome from this laudable barrage, will be a white landmark in the fight against communalism in Mauritius.
Getting an individual to be able to register as candidate for an election without the obligation of disclosing his personal ethnic or religious data, will be an ENORMOUS victory of Patriotism on Sectarianism. The favorable result from London Courts will erase a mere 80% of the sectarian calculations that enter the local electoral strategic equations. True Mauritians will celebrate this historical win over communal issues that rule over meritocracy. There is change to bring at every step ladder of the Mauritian administration and business. A big portion of the 1.3 Million Mauritians are crossing fingers actually.


The surely Man of the Year in Mauritius for 2011, managed to create turmoil with his constant focus on the prime scourges that overtly plague the local social fabric.
He was first censored and arbitrarily arrested by local authorities, when he tried to sensitize the masses about the rampaging drug problem, with his documentary “Paradi an Dey” (Paradise in Mourning) early in the year. But the charismatic whistle-blower never stopped his infallible campaign against an administration that denied the existence of true poverty in Mauritius. He managed to rally more than 20,000 patriotic advocates, over a Facebook Group page, around a common call for a better future. The “WANTED 15,000 youngsters to save our future” movement eventually morphed into the Azir Moris Collective which has the ambition of becoming more than just a simple pressure group. His actions paid off, as we watch all the havoc and slow decay caused to political parties in their propaganda strategies. He is the figure to watch during the next decade.

And this Promising Youth

… those free-thinking Mauritian youth in whom I have full faith, amonst whom, Saleem CHOTOYE, Jean Laval SAMY, Cederix BABAJEE, Jamil KUREEMUN, Irfaan COOWAR, Andy FINETTE, Audrey POUSSIN, Sandrine CASQUETTE, Pamela Sue VEERAPEN, Audrey ALBERT, Elodie ROBERT, Shimanda MUNGUR… and more, for their clear and sharp stand for a socially sound Mauritius. Best gift and hope around, for a better Mauritius, definitely!

Unanswered on-living questions

But the big questions stay! What do we need to react massively as patriots? Where has the people’s responsibility as voters and basic deciders gone hiding? What are we waiting to re-invent new politics ethics and deontology? Where is our Intelligentsia? Where has the Mauritians’ “L’amour-propre” gone?

Two months after the awakening AR NOU NON protest march in Port Louis, it looks as if the Mauritian mob still needs more spoon-feeding and won’t move unless someone takes the initiative to pave the way and go on rampage. Is this to confirm the legendary Mauritian “Ti Leker”? And there is this unique sentiment of faked laid-back lifestyle that allows politicians do whatever they want, as long as they keep some evasive hopes alive.
We are very far from the OCCUPY PLACE D’ARMES initiative, as the rest of the world has decided to raise against dictatorial hegemonic capitalism.

What should we expect then?

At this very point in the year, Mauritians will be moving into party mood. We will forget about this year’s claims and about the hard times coming ahead.
In fact we have already started to forget about 10 September 2011, when Jameel Peerally publicly and loudly called for more social justice and for more Mauritianism. We started to believe and… We were more than 3000 in Port Louis brandishing quad-colored flags, proudly wearing white T-shirts, shouting patriotic and socially-responsible slogans, and yet… that triggered so little in the collective conscience. Yep +3000 on a population of 1,3 Million Mauritians seem not enough to trigger even the slighest social momentum. We are just back at Square One, like on a Snake and Ladders board.

If… And the winner is… Not the People, obviously

That state of being is yet another opportunity for our ghost whisperers (politicians who make promises to the dead) to soften even more our collective social conscience.

If I were Ramgoolam or some calculating Nita Deerpalsing-like PTR executive, I would consider the war over social protest, WON!
I would consider the Medpoint scandal as a blessing in disguise, for I would have managed to get rid of a cumbersome ally, that had been imposed to me via some obscure supposed blackmail.
I would consider my Ministerial short shuffle a “Grand Coup”,  as I managed to directly appeal to the Creole section of voters by offering the Finance file with a first Budget to cater for, to Xavier Luc DUVAL and the Ministry for Gender and Family development affairs to MSM defector Mireille MARTIN.
I would consider MMM‘s alliance with the MSM, as a road to political suicide for the country’s strongest political party and his leader Paul BERENGER.
Globally, I, as a PTR exec, would consider this year, a total strategical WIN! Just enough to have the edge in view of closing shortfall general elections. I would have greatly deserved my white Christmas and some party nights by the beach.

Hmmm… Chronicles of a failed future unfolding… already

My worries still stand tall and strong as we enter the final lap before 2012 and that won’t be the end of the world. I just keep on feeling that we have the politicians we deserve. I can see these occult political forces working hard to stay some more decades at the head of our country, deciding that no other than a few acquaintances and relatives should rule.

If I had to vote right NOW, I would affix 4 well weighted crosses instead of the legal three, on my ballot paper, just to show my anger and anguish about watching the opening pages of the Chronicles of a failed future.

NA NA… The job’s not over yet! It’s about time we woke up! White Christmases ain’t for us!

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