Onboard the RIO+20 Global Initiative through Global Dialogues

The Big Splash into the GLOBAL DIALOGUES

This has been 2 weeks since I got onboard the Mauritian team working towards the UN Conference Rio+20 initiative. What a rich, fruitful fortnight this has been! As a professional and an individual it has been very much inspiring.

For me, that was the perfect timing to meet with world class individuals and professionals, to start working on communication concepts that would boost the Mauritius Ile Durable (MID) Concept amidst the Global effort to change attitudes towards the environmental problems plaguing our planet.

I would suggest you join the move too. (by Clicking on the links provided at the end of the article).  It is your world, your planet and your future after all !


Inside the One Future, One Planet International initiative, is the Global Dialogues, running in more than 15 countries including Mauritius.
We actually have GDs in  SwedenBelgiumSwitzerlandthe NetherlandsDenmarkJapanUSAItalyBrazilNew ZealandSpainUKMauritiusBurundiMexico, and Portugal.

Locally ?

After 15 successful cross-community local sessions around the country, the main job at this moment in Mauritius is to get the Mauritian Global Dialogues get to its climax event due on 23rd and 24th of June 2012 at BPML’s Cybertower I. And this is real Challenge!

You can register online to attend these sessions. Here’s the link : http://mu.onefutureoneplanet.org/event/rio20-mauritius-event/

But what are Global Dialogues ?

Global Dialogues have been designed to :

Bring together individuals and organisations from all backgrounds and walks of life to create an empowering new vision for what our future could be. It focuses this vision into a desire & commitment to work together to make this vision a reality, today.

… where each an every participants are made to reflect on the BIG question :

Why not create the future we want, together.

Global Dialogues brainstorming sessions are a unique experience where everyone’s senses get involved. They are Based on five pillars;

  1. CONNECTION – Connecting within work groups to start exchange.
  2. ENVISION – Individually Envisioning a personal view of the best future, one would want and share that vision back so as to build a broad mood board.
  3. ENGAGEMENT –  It is about Commitment about not only to talk about the problems but also to work at finding solutions, at learning and about prioritizing actions
  4. REFLECTION –  Personally Reflecting on one’s type of engagement is beneficial to the wider group. It helps at clarifying the processes.
  5. SHARING – The word says it all. The best thing to happen to all the data collected during the Brainstorming session, is to be put in exchangeable forms. They need to be shared or else it would have no value.

And Then ?

All the findings from the Mauritian GDs will be compiled into a country report which, in turn, will fit into an International Report to be presented on the occasion of the RIO +20 Conference.

This is where your support is important. The more we are to envision a brighter, Greener and a more Eco-responsible future, the more credible becomes our call vis-a-vis global leaders who still need to be inspired on the topic.

BUILDING the World’s largest community around the Eco-Living concept.

The Mauritian initiative is proudly paving the way in this venture, driven by the intuitive and inspiring leadership of dynamic and innovative Anneloes Smitsman of ELIA (Ecological Living in Action).

With the help of field leaders like Kimberly King and Edgard Gouveia Jr. The team is actually working on a revolutionary RPG, based on Ecological and Social responsibility. Mauritians players and testers will soon be invited as pioneers in this new generation of Eco-social game.

Jump in right NOW, together We can make a brighter future.

You can answer to Earth call. Join NOW and engage through :

The Mauritian Platform : One Future, One Planet
Liking The Facebook page
Debating on The Facebook Group
Following on Twitter 
Watching the TV Channel on YouTube

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