Undoing a sent email in less than 5 steps… Yes it’s possible !

Haven’t you ever sent an email, by error, to the wrong address or with the wrong content and wished you could undo? How many times did you say: “If only I could turn back the clock !” ?

Did you know you could undo a sent email?

Some well-wishing wizards from the Gmail Labs had the solution but had it low profile. This solution exists since 2010, but I never noticed it.

Here’s how to do it.

 Step 1

 Use Gmail

Step 2

Go to Gmail Labs by clicking the green lab Flask icon above Gmail Search Buttons.

Pointing to Gmail Labs

Courtesy of Mashable

Step 3

Search for the Lab Feature “Undo Send” and enable it

Courtesy Mashable

Step 4

Customize the time to allow the undo operation

Courtesy of Mashable

Step 5 – The Test

Write a test email and send it. The undo function will automatically appear on the right of the confirmation notice. To undo click on it within the time alloted.

Courtesy of Mashable

You are done. The bad deed undone. A confirmation message should then appear.

Courtesy of Mashable

You should then have the email back in the Drafts’ folder, to edit. correct and resend.

Old Stuff, but how good to know.

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