Nexus 7 has landed

NEXUS 7 Enfin!

Google and Android continue their strong raid into the mobile market with the latest Nexus 7 tablet unveiled only this morning. Co-branding with Asus this time, Google mobile devices seem determined to position themselves as the most popular alternative with a start price at USD 199 (almost MRU 6000).

The super-thin, super-light 7-inch tablet is described by Hugo Barra, Google Product Management Director, as perfect for reading and watching videos with a 1280 x 800 HD display.
Packed with state of the art Tegra 3 chipset, a quad-core CPU and a 12-core GPU, Nexus 7 is also a master of connectivity with front-side camera, WIFI, Bluetooth, promoted as one the fastest tablets for gaming and browsing.

Watch the video for more.

Nexus 7 has landed

Isn’t Social Media About Being… Social, Human, Not Speculative? (2012)

Social Media is a Human Tool, not just another Techno Bubble…

At the beginning, there was that massive information influx from true-gurus, neo-gurus, pseudo-gurus, fake-gurus and from Mr. and Mrs. Anybody about Social Media. It reminded of some ill-famous bubble that was inflating so fast, that only a very few could predict its burst and resulting spills. If one can recall, the dot com bubble started just like that; a buzz about prefix-investing. One just had to add e. at the beginning of his company name or .com at the end of it, to pretend to be the next big brand around, driving all sorts of investors to the cliff edge like a bunch of silly sheep. At least, this episode allowed us to see the start and end of a “boom and burst cycle” live, in one actual lifetime. But did we retain our lessons well?

Technology is the extension of our intentions.

Kimberly King – Social entrepreneur and whole-systems change agent.

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The place of Social Media in a Sustainable future

The Source of The Interrogation

I was once asked to situate the position of Social Media in a sustainable world. What place would it take? What impact? How relevant? What was the toll of having more than 2 billion people connected in a smaller-made wired world?

It took me hours, days to figure that out, even though I had thought, initially, that the answers were as obvious as eyes on a face! Read More

Tales from the Otherverse – The Daymare !

The daymare !

That was bound to be!

He look sideways, crossed the slim sand strip, ran low below the strati but never looked back. All he heard was the tic-tacs of the heavy copper quadrant he had hanging round his neck. Not that he was a rapper or a bling-bling kinda man, he was to bear the weight of time running off, before he would reach his destination. He knew the facts, the pros, the cons… he was fully aware of all the remaining options, but he was still hoping to get on the other side of that Rubicon, safe, untroubled… a victor upon his inner doubts. Read More