Here we are ! Doing the job of the Government ! Damn YOU !

I have a grave message for you all to listen… It comes from the peeps’ heart and it conveys what the authorities haven’t been able to do in our name… PARDON !

Our People’s Pardon :

Message from a deeply stained Mauritian PEOPLE…

Thank you to:

Take OUR words for what they are…

WE (as the People of Mauritius) are sorry… WE implore your most profound pardon… WE People of Mauritius do not abide to what has been causing havoc and mayhem.

WE grieve and mourn with you… Because this is the way WE do things here in our communities, for our friends, our neighbours and for those WE respect.

WE won’t ask… for Slave ages have gone… WE will tend to raise our chin because OUR country is a beautiful country, with beautiful people and souls. Because WE understand pain and quivers. WE understand losses, WE understand Incompetencies and WE will be dealing with these in due time, personally.

Yes ! Our soil deprived one of your lives, but yet WE intend to repair. WE have the aim to render justice. That’s in OUR genes… WE have the taste of justice.

To all of you thinking that doing bad will alter things in the right way… Remember our common fights… for justice, employment, equality, ecology, sustainability…

One soldier gone is an invitation for 10 others…

So let’s up Michaela to that place from where she’ll see us fight hard… against Irish, Mauritians and Men of the world who keep up ill-treating ladies… for the rights of women at exec levels…

BUT most of all, Let’s fight… for women like YOU who need protection.. for women kissing me or you, believing in the human being he/ she beholds.

And for US who found in YOU an invaluable person…

Michaela RIP

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