LONDON 2012 – What a Start !

LONDON 2012 – Far beyond simple and naive competition… for sure!

From what I saw and felt… That does it. The 30th Olympiad of the modern era proved, to me at least, that We, the world,  are in transition time, gearing from a fully ego-centric material era to a more unifying global project. Yes… I remember someone telling me… Now the message is clear…

I watched the London 2012  £27M Opening Ceremony live from Mauritius. Damn the Financial Comptroller! That was real value.
Four hours of intense emotion and heart throbbing experience. From the 950 Drums mimicking the sounds of the Industrial Revolution, to McCartney‘s Hey Jude, through the innovative Social Media related fresque, Mr Bean’s humorously adding to the Chariots of Fire and the discovery of Sir Tim Bernes Lee, the very inventor of the World Wide Web, the very best of Great Britain was on show.

Technically sharp and creative, the colourful ceremony has been a totally new experience for me, at the age of 47 (already). This means that my learning and discovery curve is not yet at its end… that’s a good signal I guess.

I have been watching each and every live Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies since the time of the first color TV in Mauritius, in 1976 (hi Brent!), never had I been touched the way I was today. The spirit was there, I could sense the soul behind the art of Danny Boyle, I could sense that desire to send a specific message through the enhanced participation of handicapped and children, mixed races. The presence of Mohamed Ali was the ultimate proof.

Team Mauritius @ LONDON 2012

Team Mauritius @ LONDON 2012 – TV Pic

What better beat off than that cameo where the Queen and James Bond jumped from the helicopter with Union Jack printed parachutes? The music was there too. All the music I like, Bowie, Mercury, OMD, Mike Oldfield, Sex Pistols, Soul II Soul,The Prodigy… just enough to move the very me. And when I saw MAURITIUS with the 4-colored Flag borne by  beautiful island girl Natacha Rigobert… my eyes blurred… My throat knotted… Again!

The Olympian spirit was in the air. As The LOCOGS President, Sebastian Coe, grand Olympic Champion, did put it well:

We are here to celebrate what is best in Mankind…

And I was there celebrating too, along with almost 2 Billion viewers around the world, in communion, passion and emotion.

And yes… It was all about Sports, Art, Technology, People,Unity, Love and hope for a better living planet. I could not feel more than being an HAPPY and GLORIOUS Citizen of the World.

Thank you London…

Here are some photos gathered on the Net, especially fromNYT‘s interactive blog. While fully acknowledging and mentioning their copyrights, I will invite you to see more of their multimedia content and other interactions on the article by SAMANTHA STOREY, Live Blogging the Broadcast at

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