Modus Operandi’s Salute to the most beautifully held Olympiads – Goodbye London 2012…

… Welcome Rio

London 2012 Paralympics, Alain BERTRAND, Modus Operandi, Social Media MauritiusOh yeah and let the Samba begin, if this promises to be as good as this year.

London Summer Games are over. Lights are out in London after the gigantic Fireworks, the myriad of stars on a beautiful stage and in the stadium. Yes,  these 2012 Summer Games were exceptionnal. We should once again salute the 10000+ volunteers that have given their time, energy and pride in the name of Patriotism and for the love of their country. That was purely the direct and true translation and most beautiful response to JFK’s famous words:

… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. 

And they, the volunteers, but not only, just did that! They did for their country, they did for the World to see how much geniuses Brittons could be, how big their heart was. Same can apply to the thousands of courageous handicapped athletes who fought not only for better perception and acceptation of their condition but for their nation as well.

LONDON 2012? What a lesson!

Nothing compares

This British experience has definitely been without comparison, whether in terms of the Sports event in itself or in the Modernity and greenness, or even in its mediatisation. They have reached their goals which was to bring London and its spirit in almost every home on Earth. These Summer games have taken Event Organisation to yet another level.  More… They have changed my vision of Paralympics games forever.

I have always loved Sports on TV but I had that “prejudged” misconcept of the Paralympics. I had that idea that it was just sidekick charity, that it was only a bone given away to calm a quota… I WAS WRONG!
I long thought that these were games for good conscience and I despised the Olympic Committee for that… Yes, I know… I WAS WRONG, again and I deeply regret those thoughts today! And I will, without any complex or shame point my finger to traditionnal Mauritian media and press, and I’m talking more precisely of these incompetent state-run organs, who never did there job to explain what the Paralympics were really about. They have that pedagogical mission that they are never up to. They are the ones to reach out to those who do not have access to Internet and Social Media. So their part to bring a more learned vision into the grassroots, is a big one.

Local traditional media should be made accountable for retention of Knowledge…

No, no & no! The Paralympics ain’t just another rat race for gold medals, they are about integrating the most vulnerable in our everyday life concept. And it was only this year that I really learned to catch that side of the Paralympics Games. Why? Just because this year, all the info, the news, the comment, the rules of the game, the spirit reached me, seamlessly flowed towards me, my laptop, my mobile phones and other devices… via Social Media mainly.
Had I waited for local traditional media or institutions for that, I would die an idiot for sure. And by the way, where was the Mauritian Olympic Committe, And the local Paralympic Committee and the Sports section of the MBC, the MCA and the MSC… They shone by their absence. They should be made accountable for retention of Knowledge (just a thought), especially when they take big contribution from Global committees. I wish I could ask an Audit right now !


I, for my part, have been pleased and proud to regularly share photo updates and News all over my Social Networks. I feel I thus contributed to get Paralympics where it should be: Right in the heart of society, as a symbol of respect and utmost pride.

LONDON 2012 (both summer games) has really been a lesson to humanity, viewed through so many angles.

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