Proud to be on 100% Mauritian Condominium project

Mauritian condominium in Quatre BornesModus Operandi Mauritius is proud indeed to be onboard this colossal endeavor. This unique 240-appartment realty project nested in a very dynamic and modern green outskirt of the country’s best urban location, Quatre Bornes ( our favorite town). It lies right in the heart of lively Mauritius where a wide palette of recreational, cultural and social facilities are available round the clock.

Its situation, 25 minutes from the seaside, 30 minutes off the airport and not more than 20 minutes from major business and shopping centres of the country, make the location exceptionally ideal for professionals and anyone who loves activities ranging from dining out to interaction with untouched nature.

Beyond being an incomparable residential haven, The Condominium allies the most modern building design and technologies to the unconditionnal repsect of the environment. Amenities and facilities are up to the highest international standards regarding comfort, safety and sustainability. As such, it offers by far the best place to live a laid-back lifestyle in a luxurious setup, while feeling socially responsible.


  1. marc · November 1, 2012

    modern green outskirt of the country’s best urban location, Quatre Bornes !! I recall the day when my grand father named Avenue of Ylang Ylang near Candos, their were only fields, now it is impossible to distinguish where it all starts, Beau Bassin, Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes, Vacois, Curepipe and such, Sad, and you wonder why another power plant is in need!

    • Alain Bertrand · November 1, 2012

      I do agree with you Marc and this was at first one my main concern when we started discussing about the project. As a learned eco-activist, I had to make sure that this project was fully inline with the concept of sustainable development for Mauritius and the World Map before getting onboard. I am happy to confirm that the Palmyra Project is a green one in its conception and future existence, Low Energy consumption, extensive use of natural lighting, use of eco-friendly material, recycling features and landscape enhancement are innately inclusive therein. This one might well be the spark to a new era in the Green habitat development sector in Mauritius and I am proud to be part of such an adventure.

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