NO! There will be no End to Consciousness in 2012!


Last night while watching Emmerich’s 2012, the film, on TV with my son, I had this reflection to him…

I wished all this would happen, because:

If I survived, I could tell everything I saw to my kids… I Would be part of the rebooting team.


If I were killed, it would be just too bad, but at least, I would die almost instantly. And if there were any survivors, in some ways they would be telling a piece of my story.

He looked at me (amazed may be) and said:

You are just another Crazy One this End of the World needs to wipe off! You’ve already had kids, already had a family, seen the world, met beautiful people, learned beautiful principles… and I still haven’t!  And this is what I want… A good life, just like the one You had… full of beautiful people.

NO this World shall not end in 2 days!

And I was there, eyes wide shut, the heart in the middle of 2 strokes: “Huh!”

He made me realize how much of a self-centered human being I still was… But still… I wasn’t ashamed of that because I felt I was part of that transitional generation…

After and overall, I felt good… Because through my son’s words, I could sense the operating shift, I could feel a nascent change in his way of appreciating things, I could feel his call for the beautiful things, his will to learn about things that make up a conscious Human life.

Believe me… The world’s changing… and 211212 is just a cornerstone.


  1. Juanita Lewis · December 20, 2012

    Nicely done. The me generation needs to shift to the human generation 🙂

    • Alain Bertrand · December 20, 2012

      Right on Juanita ! Thanks for the comment and the like. 😀

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