2012 – The Flat Good Year

There goes tradition again.

At the end of each year, I feel the urge to write a review of the passed year but to my very eyes, this year was a flat tasteless year with the following whitestones:

  1. Queen Elizabeth II 60 years on the throne celebrated in February
  2. The legendary Encyclopedia Britannica stopping its print edition in March
  3. The World Expo 2012 goes under way and under-mediatized in Yeosu South Korea in May
  4. The last Solar Transit of Venus of the Century (the Second one) in June
  5. UEFA’s 14th European Championship -EURO 2012, for national football teams kicked off on the June 8 to end on the 1st of July
  6. London Summer Olympics and Paralympics launch in July and August
  7. Curiosity lands on Mars. The unmanned rover “marsed” on the 6th of August
  8. Hurricane Sandy plays violent and kills 209 in the Caribbean, Bahamas, USA and Canada
  9. Qatar’s UN Climate Change Conference agrees to extend the Kyoto Protocol on December 8. Looked like another waste of time.
  10. The End of the Mayan Calendar didn’t bring the End of the world on the 21st of December. Some would have like that.

2012 has not been a real “grand cru“, even if on the Mauritian scene, we had the long overdue local government Elections in December and a whole big caravan of scandals and democracy blunders all through the year. The only fact that marked me was the explosion of the people’s will to take their destiny in their hands. This year, no less than 14 rallies and demonstrations have taken place, with a remarkable peak with the March against Coal in November. This is quite symptomatic of an urge to change for better perspectives. I guess that 2013 shall be the year of converging minds and actions.

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