Alain Bertrand’s Top-10 Women of the Year

MY TOP 10 WOMEN of  2012

Like I said in a previous blogpost, 2012 has been quite a flat good year. But it also looked like Venus’ last solar transit gave women a boost like never before. Noticeably in business, causes, politics where they seem to instill a new style in management and initiative taking. Their moves have been smarter, sexily intelligent, and gutsy at times. They have been ruling the thoughts leadership planet, getting things to be seen, felt in a somehow unusual perspective. But then again, it worked out well!  The girls, this year have shown that serious pragmatic matters can be run with the heart, with experience and manly logic as supporting the drive. Here’s my personal Top 10 Women of the year, beyond their natural beauty, they have, at least, one common feature… Innovation!…  Even my 75-years young Mum!


Jacqueline, my Mum – The Pillar

75 years-old Sudoku champion Mrs. Bertrand, is just incredible. I had to get her in there because of her modernity and her ways to adapt to the fast growing world. She is the base of our culture, the pillar of knowledge acquisition and the spiritual guardian of the family. I would never be what I am, hadn’t she been thus… She’s just everything.


Katy Perry – Non-feminist Woman Believer

28 year-old Katy Perry has been made woman of the year and was honored at Billboard’s Women in Music event last Friday. She is the only woman in Billboard’s 54 year-old story to have had at least one Top 10 for 69 consecutive weeks. She has also been honored for her entrepreneurship character, namely with her self-made and auto-starred “Katy Perry: Part of Me” 3-D feature film. Pure talent obviously.


Chrisitne Tan Hoo #8 Alain Bertrand Top 10 Women of the YearChristine Tan Hoo – Golden Mauritian Media Babe

Young Mauritian journalist, Christine Tan Hoo, fought her way out of gloomy Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation to become in 2011 the first non-french Head of News on Private TV, Antenne Reunion in Reunion Island. She is the symbol of the kind of Mauritian professionalism that we urgently need for our local media industry to earn credibility. Hatz off and please come back fast!


Miselaine Duval #7 Alain Bertrand Top 10 Women of the YearMiselaine DuvalCulture Wonder-Woman

The work of local humorist, director and theater Manager Miselaine Duval needed to be pointed out. She, who gained public appreciation with the Komiko Group, has been sweating all this year at motivating cultural inspiration in a land where very small support from the authorities is offered in the field of national Culture and Heritage. Her influential role in inspiring Mauritian Youth into taking acting lessons, is a promise for a new generation of culture-geared youngsters.


Michelle Obama – The Love Dispenser Dimension

The role and presence of US first lady in the “non-event” re-election of  her husband is definitely what makes me get her in here.  Her omnipresence behind her Barack, on the road, in the crowds, her intervention on TV shows, her confidence and her capacity at using simple laymen’s language have added a new dimension to the role of a First Lady in a re-election campaign, the dimension of a love dispenser. Her hugging capacity was experienced when the sweaty US men’s basketball team lined up before the First lady for… hugs at the London Olympics !  Amazingly close to the People it seemed. And she is sooo… sexy !


Anneloes Smitsman #5 Alain Bertrand Top 10 Women of the YearAnneloes Smitsman – Earth, Wind and Fire made woman

Ever-smiling Mother of 2, the Mauritian-based Dutch director of ELIA (Ecological Living in Action, consultancy company dealing with solutions and projects for ecological sustainability)  is just all the elements… at peace in one vessel. With her, I discovered the Global Dialogues and I eventually fell in love with the ways Anneloes is always thriving to get everybody around ONE aim; finding relevant sustainable solutions for sustainable communities. Somehow this is innovation, at least to me, and for this… R E S P E C T !


Ameeksha Dilchand #4 Alain Bertrand Top 10 Women of the YearAmeeksha Dilchand – The Perfect Ambassadress

In a country where all seem to be run by rules linked to ethnicity and casteism, comes a young, fresh, sexy desi girl who has in her blood, genes and attitude the vision of barrier-less communities making up a state… where respect becomes the new base rule. Ameeksha says and proves everyday that she loves her country.  Besides, she is fun, witty, she has got the talent, the verve, the plastic and the heart… These things I try to look for, in any woman I’d dream of.  The Manchester United Die-hard Miss Mauritius 2011 symbolizes that kind of synchronicity that makes us, Mauritians, so proud. She travels the world bringing with her, sharing at will, the smiles, the warmth of our colorful people and with these, the spirit of unity and solidarity that characterizes Mauritius. Women like her will tranquilly bring change this country, I’m sure!


Kimberly King #3 Alain Bertrand Top 10 Women of the YearKimberly King – The Peaceful, Powerful Lioness

This lady is Amazing. Her only presence fills the room and orders the ears to raise, for whatever is uttered from her mouth is pure golden nectar for the soul and mind! The director of the Peace Company is a social entrepreneur, a change agent in the field of community and international peace-building and in education and economic empowerment of women and girls. I have been experiencing from afar, the subtle impact she has been making 20000 kms from her american hometown on projects that inspire an entire generation, here in Mauritius.  I love her catalyzing character, that one which motivates to do better, together. Anyways she is at a place no-one can challenge at this stage. I am Proud to know her.


Anshika Sawaram – The Promise of a New Order

Anshika Sawaram #2 Alain Bertrand Top10 Women of the YearThe 21-year old Mauritian student and social activist must be commanded for all the bravery, courage and steadiness she showed throughout entire 2012. Her unshakable social commitment has driven her into rallies, protest marches and demonstrations fighting for the disabled, the poor and the aggrieved. In December she took part into local village councilors elections, a shark tank full of old sharp-teethed specimens. She fought well, earning around 15% votes after a 10-day almost-no-cost campaign. But beyond this bout, Anshika likes her country’s 4-colored flag and shows constant compassion for her fellow vulnerable countrymen and acts upon with the aim to sustainably solve problems. She is brute Diamond… the promise of the perfect gem for political Mauritius and women empowerment.


Marissa MayerMarissa Mayer – Pride, Youth and Motherhood

She waited to be 37 before bearing her first child. Till then she had that intense career in the IT World, starting as Google’s 20th employee, as first woman engineer, before driving into the VP seat of the Search Giant in 2010. In 2012 she took a risky challenge, crossed the floor and jumped into CEO functions for what was thought to be a dying Yahoo. She is the youngest CEO of a fortune 500 company and ranks 14th most powerful businesswoman in America. I salute the courage, enthusiasm that she brings along with her. Marissa’s contribution and leadership has been recognized more than once in prestigious publications like New York Times, Newsweek and Business Week.  I respect the role model that she endorses as a first time Mum while being a top Executive and an inspirational figure for an entire generation.

Many others surely inspire other people, but they were the babez who grabbed my very attention this year.

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