CT POWER Mauritius à Albion – Mythes, Mensonges et Détournements…

Avec la résurgence du dossier CT POWER dans l’actualité mauricienne, la piqûre de rappel est justifiée ! NO TO COAL – SARBON DAN NOU POUMON ? NON !

Through the Islander's Prism

Quand le mercantilisme politique s’en mêle !

J’ai HONTE !

Entre le concept visionnaire de Joel de Rosnay et l’état du MID (Maurice Ile Durable) en 2012, il y un gouffre aberrant ! Non pas parce que le peuple mauricien ne se sente pas concerné, mais bien par la volonté destructrice d’une clique politique, mafieuse et menteuse.

Le mercantilisme politique tire la nation mauricienne vers le bas, entraînant vers le fond, par la même occasion, l’image d’un pays en pleine crise d’identité écologique. Les sonnettes d’alarme tintinnabulent de toutes parts, mais nos dirigeants font la sourde oreille au mépris du bon sens et d’une certaine responsabilité citoyenne, voire même globale.

Albion Nouveau centre de Polemique, MID, CT POWER

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Mauritian Opposition Leader Publicly Acknowledges Throat Cancer

Paul Bérenger says he will temporarily leave the scene. First time in more than 40 years.

Mauritian historic Opposition Leader Paul Berenger has been diagnose with an early stage throat cancer

Mauritian historic Opposition Leader Paul Bérenger diagnosed with an early stage throat cancer.

During his extraordinary private press Conference, today 23rd of January 2013, Mauritian Opposition Leader Paul Bérenger, 68, publicly admitted that he has been diagnosed with an early stage throat cancer. Referring to Presidents Ronald Reagan and Zimbabwean N’Komo, he tried to minimize, the impact of the announcement.

The news however, came to the nation as a shock at around 11:15, and many messages of sympathy flooded the local social networks and from politicians from all sides.

Born in 1945, Paul Raymond Bérenger is an historic founding leader of the MMM with Dev Veerasawmy and the Jeerubarkhan brothers, in 1969. He never left this position ever since. He has been the only Non-Hindu Prime Minister of Mauritius from 2003 to 2005 and in 2007, Deputy Prime Minister between 1995 and 1997 and again from 2000 to 2003. He also held other ministerial positions in 1982 and in 1991. The rest of the time he stood mostly as Leader of the Opposition.

Under his uncontested leadership, the MMM (Mouvement Militant Mauricien), was on the forefront of major  social struggles that transformed the Mauritian Nation. Paul Bérenger is known to have led determining strikes in the port during the 70s and the massive 1975 Student strike.

The MMM which was a huge political alternative for Mauritius, has always received more than 40% of direct votes but could never hold power due to wobbly coalitions. What was felt as a new hope towards non-communal  politics and government, unfortunately became thinner by the years, especially with ideological divergence and departure of some key thinkers and influencers.

Bérenger’s 3-month-at-least medical retreat comes at a very inappropriate moment. With parliament reconvening on the 26th of March 2013 and a heavy load of Private Notice Questions around recent Gooljaury/Soornack scam and its ramifications. Public and insiders’ general opinion is that substitute Alan Gannoo might not be up to the job and that the Opposition is at its lowest.

The absence of Paul Raymond Bérenger from the Mauritian political scene will be indisputably felt and some intestine wars within the MMM should not be scraped out.

My message to a…

My message to all Mauritian expats (Those who feel That MU is going Down) :

They (the bad guys) say you fled the country because you were never interested about building a Mauritian Nation… and that you live happily by the country’s reputation, to which I might agree… But I understand that when you make sacrifices, when you work hard you deserve your good living!

But would you be ready to come back and rebuild ? Underlying that WE (the People of Mauritius) need YOU, your skills, your guts and your new ideas…

Aaron Swartz has a Place in my Heart

While talking about my stands, Someone told me: “But ! Aaron is Gone !”

And as my obituary, I dedicated and will dedicate the rest of my life to what Aaron Swartz‘s Graal was… FREEDOM FOR ALL.


YES… I am a Capitalist… But Socialists…


I am a Capitalist (because I work for ME)… I work with major GLOBAL accounts… And I still believe that Socialism has the tools to use Capitalism to do good… This normally works when you want to achieve Justice for All…

How much can you you blame Bill Gates? Can you blame Mark Zuckerberg? Can you blame even me for trying to get people closer…


Exploring Graph Search

I explored Graph Search Live

Graph Search just rolled out today on my Facebook Accounts. I explored and was quite happy with the experience. Definitely a new one, within in a nice graphic environment and with intuitive auto-deducting engine that offers possibilities to filter and point.

Here are some screenshots to give you an idea.

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