Modus Operandi Announces First Social Media Private Talks Session

What we learned from Social Media Management and Marketing in 2012, will just be good for the bin, at least for most of it. 2013 marks the start of a new era in Social Media as a Marketing discipline. We will need to learn how to anticipate and how to plan Online Marketing Campaigns with significant headroom.

Alain Bertrand – Social Media Strategist


Session ONE – Learning about Social Media Shifts in 2013 – Feb. 2013


Social Media Private Talks are Speaking Sessions where only 22 privileged CEOs, Marketing and Communication executives will be invited to take knowledge of the latest development and trends in the world of Social Media. We will be talking about ways to deal with them and how to apply the fundamentals thereof, in our local Mauritian context.

Why are they limited to 22 professionals?

We, at Modus Operandi Mauritius, want to start a Social Media Leadership circle, where top Marketing and Communication Executives will be invited to reflect, share, develop and act on the Social Media we want for Mauritius. This is why we are starting with a limited number of attendees. We believe that this should start with knowledge intakes.

We intend, with our 8 sessions this year, to achieve the setup of the nucleus of what can become an authority in Social Media locally and regionally.


Fully understanding how Social Media impacts the Brand and by extension the Marketing or PR operations, is the key to successful ROI-based campaigns. Marketing basics are being challenged every now and then, with each and every tweak or change that Social Media undergoes. As of today, and by periodic increment, Social Media is taking more and more significant importance in the Marketing mix. Campaigns are now being built from the customers’ Social behavior perspective rather than from the Product or Brand perspective.


g3295Social Media Marketing is still in its infancy and like a child, this discipline is developing at a rather hard-to-follow fast pace. In fact we will need to anticipate, apprehend the changes and shifts that will operate during 2013 and beyond.

For this first Social Media Private Talks Session, we will talk about the novelties that will direct moves for Social Media Marketeers and for Marketing campaigns. The Social Media Private talks will help adjust Marketing Mixes.

  1. We will focus on the newly announced Graph Search by Facebook,
  2. We will see how Edgerank and Negative Feedback will affect brand and product visibility on Social platforms.
  3. We will talk about the bigger place that the SOLOMO concept will take as we grow towards 2015
  4. we will discuss about changes that will alter Email Marketing, Online Lead management and the 4 Ps paradigm.
  5. Last be not least, we will see how Economic and Commercial warfare has moved onto the Social Media field to use e-reputation as a primary objective.


Alain Bertrand will conduct these half day sessions.

Alain is a self-made Mauritian Social Media Strategist with more than 15 years experience in the field of local Mass Communication, Marketing, advertising and  Technical Translation. With the advent of Social Media he specialized in Community Management, Social Media consultancy and Training. He has several levels of achievement, namely in the fields of traditional and electronic publishing and Media.

Alain Bertrand - Social Media Strategist - Mauritius

He is globally ranked 155 in his field on more than 10,000,000 professionals worldwide. He has also authored several articles on global Social Media geared platforms, about the place and operational aspects of Social Media Campaigns. He presently heads Modus Operandi Mauritius and works mainly with Indian Outsourcing companies who are linked to global Big Accounts. He is also a green and sustainability activist.


Out from these sessions, one will:

  1. Have a clear cut picture of how rolling-out changes in Social Media will directly impact Social Media Campaigns, MArketing and Communications in 2013 and beyond.
  2. Take knowledge of the fundamental lay-outs needed to build sturdy modern campaigns, that will take the changes in Social Media, into consideration and thus optimize output from the traditional Marketing Mix and ROI, within hostile, competitive environments.

For example, from our first session we will:

  1. See how the knowledge of Facebook Edgerank can help at optimizing a Facebook page’s practical reach-out,
  2. See what are the new criteria of Negative feedback in Facebook insights, how this will heavily impact on Online reputation,
  3. Also learn that there has been a violent shift off the traditional 4Ps Paradigm,
  4. Learn that Email Marketing and SEO are evolving into becoming more social where the human factor is taking a bigger chunk over systematic campaigning,
  5. Learn how online social reputation has become the primary objective in Economic and Commercial Warfare.
  6. Discuss about how to bundle all this knowledge into building a more productive, receptive and reactive Social Media elements into the traditional Marketing Mix.

How do I get Invited ?

The process is simple. First you need to register on our premium attendees list. Fill all the required fields therein and choose the Private Talks option.

Click on the following link to apply and register >> INVITE ME

Only the first 20-22 who complete the confirmation procedures will set to be on-board. Modalities to follow.


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the extraordinary World of Social Media !

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