War On Coal – Indians are NOT Stupid… Mauritian Politicians are…

Indians are not Stupid…

Sun Power in India

Just three years ago, grid-connected solar power in the country was less than 12 MW. By the end of 2011, India had acquired 190 MW in solar power generation capacity. By March 2013, that figure will grow five-fold to 1,000 MW under the Solar Mission targets alone… (source Business Today)

And Yes… Indeed…Indians are definitely NOT Stupid… And to our own shame we must admit : “Our Politicians and their Politically-nominated consultants are!”


Let’s get Pragmatic

With almost the same COSTS borne as for a 110MW Coal-Fired Plant, on a small island like Mauritius, 2-3 Solar farms based on the Kerala or Gujrat Projects would be enough to cater for domestic demand getting off the grid…

If Gemany is capable of catering for more than 20% of its electricity needs, using Sun and Wind while ditching Nuclear, Why should we, Mauritians, choose only that COAL option that is the worse as we keep on learning about everyday ?

I guess it’s all about profitability for ONLY some few big corporates and some already big political pockets who have vested interests into depleting the Nation’s, already fragile Quality of Life.

But take one moment !  Just think about it ! Just think about what they have to lose… Sustainable energy just generates way too small margins…

  • We do not need to import Sun, (NO import deal Commisions)
  • No transportation involved, (NO Fret, so NO Transport Commissions)
  • No storage involved, (NO development, NO tender, NO commissions)
  • No complicated processing required overtime, (NO specialized Management contract, NO agreement Commissions)
  • Low maintenance, (NO specialized contract, NO agreement Commissions)
  • Costs that could be subsidized and amortized
  • When decentralized it may come down help local empowerment and unemployment issues.

in fact, Sustainable energy, comes with more social advantages and less doors available for institutionalized multi-level cartel-operated corruption.

… and I could go on with such social advantages that are but unwanted financial disadvantages for all-profit Capitalism.

Coal fired Plants only hold temporary economical and commercial advantages while the social toll over time will cause expenses rush higher than even the profits engulfed by private companies running the Plant.

But these expenses linked to Health, Environment and Social Integration will ONLY be taken from the consumers, from us, from our kids and their kids, for decades and centuries to come… And we are not even talking about forced death toll that destroys families and wipe out communities!

And that is not fair ! Solutions do exist !

Solar power plant (Serpa, Portugal) English: PS20 and PS10 in Andalusia, Spain English: On 140 acres of unused land on Nellis...



One comment

  1. Jim Burton · July 21, 2014

    Good Article. All these elite political parties are enemies of people. They do not serve people, but they exploit people. They work for global corporations who are responsible for people misery and these companies finance politics and demon laws in Mauritius. If people of Mauritius want dignity and a better life, Mauritian must not be stupid to continue voting mafia political parties, they have to elect a new dynamic motivated government who will apply positive changes in this country and stop non sense laws and exploitation of Mauritian. A government who will value life, not value money more than nature and life.

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