Message to a New Mauritian Citizen : Robin Sharma

Quote by Robin Sharma

If this is what @_robin_sharma teaches, then we, MAURITIANS, should all come down into the streets and LOUDLY ask for what we, as a United Nation, deserve: Dignity, Pride and Honour

Dear Mr. Sharma ( @_robin_sharma )

I heard you were coming to Mauritius for an exceptional conference on the 3rd of August. I won’t be there although I am a HUGE fan of yours and always wanted to see you on stage.


Because this venue is nothing but a political event from an incompetent governing party!

I respect you for who you are… A global inspirational figure. A Citizen of the World with the mission to spread knowledge and comprehension.

You, like a very few in this world, alongside Mandela and my Dad, have inspired me and are dear to what I am today and to what I stand for.

It however saddens me to know that some political brats of the Mauritian Labour Party have decided to use your powerful aura to pull in youth crowds with the sole intention to clean up a messy political image ravaged by scams, scandals and incompetent governance and earn votes, less than 600 days before General Elections.

The use of the International Youth Day in such circumstances is simply horrendous as This is NOT a National Venue, but just another event in the Mauritius Labour Party’s UNFAIR Electoralist Campaign Calendar.
So I won’t blame you, Mr. Robin Sharma, on taking Mauritian nationality, it is rather an honour. I won’t blame you on being a friend with Nita Deerpalsingh or with Navin Ramgoolam or with whoever, you could be my friend too. I won’t blame you, Mr. Sharma, on investing in Mauritius. I am just afflicted by the thought of you being duped in a sharply-planned electoral strategy which is unfair to all those political and people’s movements, in the waiting.

And by the same way, I will ask you to tell us, as a MAURITIAN CITIZEN,

  • How you would assess your new country’s Governance?
  • How do you feel about the Mauritian Government incompetence that killed 20 of our fellow countrymen in less than 2 months?
  • How do you feel about our Ministers who refuse to assume their responsibilities?
  • How do you feel about this government that imposes raises on Transport instead of doing everything in their power to make it safe and efficient?
  • It would be great to know how you, New Citizen of Mauritius, assess the partisan National TV station’s role in empowering the masses?
  • How do you feel about a government that gags the press, censors social messages, arrests social workers and activists without any kind of grounds and interferes with justice to the only advantage of a very few ?
  • How do you feel about your new Government that allows massive Coal Power Plants to be installed on seasides against the will of a People that believes in a Sustainable Future?

I just hope that you would tell us how you feel at backing a corrupt government, without you knowing.

From a worried and saddened fellow mauritian citizen…


  1. Kevin · August 6, 2013

    Respect to this post. Thank you.

  2. DDDD · September 1, 2013

    tone bez sans reponse

    • Alain Bertrand · September 2, 2013

      Pa tro bizin so repons mwa ! Mesaz la ki ti bizin fer pase… et linn pase !

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