After the Iqbal Toofanny Ordeal…

Another Mauritian Tale about Police Brutality… But shouldn’t we go beyond ?

On the 2nd of March this year, the news came out as a traumatising shockwave to entire Mauritius!

Iqbal Toofanny, 42 yr-old father of three, was declared deceased by the coroner, 48 hrs after his arrest and stay in custody. Publicized photographic evidence showed multiple contusion and bruises, on several parts of Toofanny’s body. These made no doubt about how the 42 year old citizen, was mistreated, brutalized and beaten up while in Police Custody.

Five suspects, all CID (Central Investigation Department) officers, were indicted on charges of torture and later bailed out on a Rs 9 000 (300 USD) bond, after 24 hrs detention. This, by itself, has been lived through as mere injustice, by an entire empathic population. The entire Police Force and Mauritian judiciary became (again) suspects of unequal justice delivery, towards simple citizen. How can five Police officers come out with a Rs 9000 bail, when there are strong unrebuttable presumption of torture and manslaughter? The Scene was set!

To the eyes of many, this kind of situation could have triggered social chaos. Should this had happened under the previous detested Ramgoolam government, there would have definitely been profound social unrest and riots, like in 1999 when iconic creole singer Kaya died in Police Custody. Read More

Je suis… La République de Maurice


En ce jour de fête nationale, beaucoup de commentaires à propos de notre passé colonial et de questions sur la pertinence de l’indépendance de notre pays, fusent à-tout-va sur la toile. Fallait-il se défaire des Anglais ? Pourquoi nous ont-ils laissé tombé ? N’aurions-nous pas été mieux avec des Livres Sterling ?

Savoir si nous sommes mieux sans ou sous les Anglais, c’est la question qui taraude encore, semble-t-il. Certains iront même jusqu’à dire que si les seigneurs de la Blonde Albion n’avaient pas jugé bon de délaisser l’Île Bourbon pour l’Île de France, nous serions en train de payer la baguette de pain à plus de Rs 38.00… Ce qui est une vérité en soi ! Read More

Ameeksha Dilchand #4 Top 10 Women 2014

Beloved country, May God Bless thee..

Beautiful Mauritius… Some more food for thought

Ameeksha Dilchand is one of my Top 10 Women of 2014. She, who I call the Perfect Ambassadress, is one of the most iconic figures of the Mauritian pageant industry. She started as a participant and ended up last year as an organiser.

This year, she pursues her actions against autism and she stepped into politics. Knowing her wits, guts and righeousness, I’ll bet on her capacities at going far out to become an unmissable beacon for the entire Mauritian nation.

Ameeksha is, to my eyes, one these young Mauritian ladies packed with what I dare to call “Valeurs du Mauriciannisme” (values of the Mauritian way of Life). Read More