Entre l’Enfer d’un Ailleurs Quelconque et une Guerre sans Espoir ici…

Finalement, je me vois bien candidat à l’émigration. En tout cas, depuis quelque temps j’y songe sérieusement. Ce pays de tant d’espoirs me laisse désespérément sur ma faim. Je me dis qu’ailleurs, ils sauront quoi faire de ce que je peux apporter… Mais bon… Read More

So you thought Genocides were only Committed by so-called Dictators or Babarians ?

Well, you got it all wrong !

When British and American governments team up to trick, kill their pets, displace, and wipe out an entire population from their homeland, while concealing important vital facts to the International Community, ain’t that a crime against humanity ?  Watch the video, then you might understand. Read More

Get Us to Help Nepal on Your Behalf – Make a Pledge


I am planning to fly to Nepal, for 3-4 weeks, to offer assistance by, lending my humble hands and by supporting fellow Relief Workers there, by bringing fresh supplies of Medkits, Femi-kits and Water-purifying tablets. I need your help.  Read More