So you thought Genocides were only Committed by so-called Dictators or Babarians ?

Well, you got it all wrong !

When British and American governments team up to trick, kill their pets, displace, and wipe out an entire population from their homeland, while concealing important vital facts to the International Community, ain’t that a crime against humanity ?  Watch the video, then you might understand.

When they (British and American governments) agree, to treat human beings (our chagossian brothers and sisters) far less than seagulls, for the sake of controlling a part in the world, ain’t that proof of their colonialist attitude and that of their low consideration for people from lesser islands, that has long been a criteria for slavery ?

Watch this video and feel how your heart is crushed when our chagossians brothers and sisters tell their stories and feelings about the Big British-American Conspiracy. There should be no conditionnals ! Chagossian people should have the right to get back freely to their homeland and Mauritius Sovereignty restored !

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