Why I am in Love with my President…

Generally I would consider Mauritius Presidency as being a useless, irrelevant function, as a political reward for some good and faithful political agent or prominent party exec.

Events have proved how much petty, the job was for those in office, when it came to protect the citizens from government abuse… The very reason He or She is sworn in ! I won’t even talk about the VPs who were supposed to supersede, in action or in thoughts, when their seniors were not performing.

The only one Presidents that I would take off the lot and afford full credit to, would be Presidents Cassam Uteem and Karl Offman, who spoke out and got their voices out and heard !

As a citizen of Mauritius, I would normally see no point of having a non-executive President, standing as commander-in-chief and as my Head of (my) State. Normally He/She would have been another political nomination, down my usual drains.

But this year looks like my scopes radically changed on how I apprehend this constitutional function. I feel like some real change has started… like some nascent wave that is urged to grow into “Jaws” of social and mindset renewal. How come? Why?

Why do I feel so emotional about Ameenah Gurib-Fakim’s nomination to the post President of the Republic of Mauritius?


  1. I TRUST HER !
    I trust my new president into inspiring change and innovation for a Mauritian Nation that urges to push forward and become a respected entity on the regional and global chessboard.

  2. A Muslim Science Woman President in a multi-ethnic country is a definite peace message to the world.

  3. It fully represents the Change I Want… It means mind-shift… A leap into modernity, regardless of the regime we’re in !

  4. For the first time, a modest Mauritian, a young girl from modest New Grove has found the way to break through ages of political machismo (reminding me of Walnut Grove) and beyond the ceiling, allowing all and any other Mauritian child to have that potential dream of becoming a Leader via the only prism of Competence, without the obligation of running under some despotic political leadership. She is a Role Model !

  5. For the first time, a woman with beautiful clear, scintillating eyes will be leading my country with the conscience of being a role model to all future mothers of Mauritius and potential Mauritian scientific Nobel Prizes. That’s so sexy !

  6. For the first time, in our young history, a non-political figure is committing herself to lead our nation into sustainable modernity. I believe in her advocacy.

  7. Far from ethnic or communal considerations, She vows to make Mauritius become a leading Nation, on the basis of her faith in our youth and women.

  8. I feel that, from what I know of her, Dr Ameenah Gurrib Fakim has the personality tough enough, to stand ground before a government that would not be keeping its promises.

  9. She was my #8 woman of 2014… And I seldom go wrong !

  10. And there is this video :

Take some time… Think about it… We will be feminising our presidency well before the Americans… Democratically talking !

One comment

  1. JeanClaude Woo · June 8, 2015

    I know the four generations of her family and I tell you that scion come from a good stock.

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