Alain Bertrand’s Top Women of 2015

 Through the Islander’s Prism

This is the fourth edition, and thanks for following and this time I decided to celebrate them on this Women’s International day 🙂

Here we go again, my choice of the 10 best women of 2015, seen through the Islander’s Prism… Enjoy, share and comment

 2015 has seen the emergence of Mauritian females as top notch artists. It has been an overall year of creativity and innovation, not especially “techwise”. There’s been a new wind of hope in the ways women are taking driving seats at diverse levels, should it be politically, in terms of activism or business.

# 10 – My Mum

The Mauritian Woman at her best

Year in year out, this bright woman doesn’t twitch, although soon reaching her 80’s. If ageing is the physical demonstration of a long demanding life, Jacqueline stayed young at heart. I guess that this goes for modern Mauritian mothers, who have relentlessly worked for the cultural, ethical and social empowerment of their children… for the children of the Republic of Mauritius. For what she represents to me and as a worthwhile representative of the Mauritian woman, my Mum Jacqueline deserves to be here at this spot year in, year out. This is my yearly ode to Mauritian Mothers !

# 09 – Danielle Selvon

Saying NO is no sin !

selvonI love powerful women… They just drive me on ! And nothing showed that Danielle Selvon was one of them ! She may not have that kind of Merkel Power, but in 2015 she showed character and determination, by retiring from all party instances. Newly elected MP, Danielle stood ground against the ruling Alliance Lepep when it came to enact what was known to be the Badhain Bill. This year, among a parliamentarian crowd mostly made up of experienced (and inexperienced) male politicians, Danielle Selvon was the only woman (and politician) to show that a party line was never absolute guideline to personal political walkways. As such she showed to an entire nation, that personal faith and conviction are more important than basic perks deriving from power positions. And this is quite some mind-shift!

# 08 – Marie Paule Ah Qune

Threatened but undeterred…

ahquneThere are diamonds, so pure… but still so rough that one can never tell which version is the best. They both have strong cutting edges and are bound to break open the sturdiest armor. Threatened Social worker Marie-Paule AH Qune is one of that kind! In 2015, social activist, mother-of-two, Marie Paule, uncovered one of the worst scandals that could have ever affected our country. She pinned out government-financed sheltering associations that mistreated our children, forcing the relevant ministry to engage into some special inquiries and reforms. Now, the word is out and proven now! Our government doesn’t look after our most needy children with the utmost severity and changes are bound to be! Her name won’t go in History books, but she won’t be forgotten.

# 07 – Laurence Tubiana

Thank you for the Planet…

tubianaHow can such an unconventional ambassador be in my list ? The reason is very simple. She is one of, if not THE major architect of the success of the last COP 21. Laurence Tubiana, to me is the kind of powerful women who will not give up until the last blood is shed. She is a fearless fighter, simple but knowledgeable enough and a powerful unifying agent.

Greatest men have said of her that her winning edge was in the fact that: “She knows the entire World.”

And for that only, she deserves to be in my Top10.

# 06 – Ameenah Gurrib Fakim


fakimThe new President of Mauritius was in my Top 10 last year. For obvious reasons she needs to be here again. Her seamless office taking, and the way she addressed the world on several occasions this year, make me think that we do have a President we have been dreaming of for ages. But that said, I am still waiting from her, some powerful decision taking, with regards to sustainable and R&D Mauritius. I believe she has the means and that she holds the necessary power to move the country into another dimension where societal problems can be solved with the help of science and available local scientific talent.

# 05 – Emma Watson

If not me, who ?… if not now, When ?

watsonAm I stuck in Harry Potter’s World ? Could be ! Except that Hermione Granger is courageous, loyal and moral to a fault and as such, she embodied the best of J.K. Rowling’s vision of a millennial woman in a wizard’s world. And what I found out was a little girl who grew up to become a woman not so different from the fictional heroine she got molded into. 24-year-old Emma Watson was here last year… rich, successful, famous, stylish, beautiful, intelligent, and yet, she decided to embrace an important issue into the effort of bringing a major shift in the way our society treats the gender issue. She has shown immense charisma in her noble role of a modern feminist, Her alignment with the United Nations’ HeForShe campaign is changing the face of feminism, and she’s helping change the way feminists should think about women and… men.

# 04 – Elizabeth Holmes, 31

Diagnoses for everyone !

HolmesShe is beautiful, witty and determined. YES ! To be a billionaire at 30 is not given to any woman. Elizabeth Holmes is the founder and CEO of Theranos and is the world’s youngest self made billionaire ! She founded her company at the age of 19 and is currently changing the way of diagnosing diseases, after her uncle died of cancer. In September 2015, FDA told Holmes that she was using an unapproved blood collection device and she had to stop developping a groundbreaking blood collection device. Then, why is she in this TOP 10, when everyone seems to shut the door on her ?
Because I salute the courage of such type of women who continuously fight against masochistic hierarchy. She has decided to abide to the established rules and use conventional diagnosis systems, while continuing to develop her nanotainer system, that is going to make diagnosis become as cheap as a visit to the grocery.

# 03 – Laura Beg

The 3 Million-view Babe

begTalented artist Laura Beg has established new heights in the way Mauritian artists take to the charts and to the social networks. She is young, beautiful, witty and a sexy mover who has the ability to inspire young women and lift a nation into a life of arts. She is Mauritius first artist to have cumulated more than 3 million views on Youtube and her last show, at the J&J Auditorium was an absolute killer. For many, Laura Beg has become a beacon.

# 02 – Jane Constance

She is the Future…

ConstanceJane ought to have been my Number One, as she was the only one, this year, to have brought our nation into the spotlights of stardom, thanks to her winning France’s The Voice Kids TV show. But to my view, her great talent should not make us forget that a Woman is, of a certain age with shoulders strong enough to withhold responsibilities that come with the power to incarnate limitless talent of the Mauritian Nation. The young teenager with a voice, still needs to be nurtured and brought up into becoming a buoyant scintillating woman… She managed to give to the Mauritian Nation, chilling moments and brought us to exceptional emotional heights, never achieved by a Mauritian artist on the International scene.

# 01 – Astrid Dalais

Her Lights for the People

dalaisFor those, like me, who did not know her, Astrid Dalais came out of the blue to produce one of most memorable moments of 2015 in Mauritius, PorLwi By Light. Astrid has always been famous within closed circles, working for big corps, rendering spectacular moments, that were made only visible to a special public. But this year, she shared her immense talent to take us to places we would only expect to meet in Lyon, Moscow or Seattle. We revisited our history, our cultures and arts over three delicious days. That was thanks to her unrivaled vision with Move for Art.

 Thanks Astrid… truely ❤

A Special Mention

Fighters for a better World

isisFightersFor these courageous fearless young Peshmerga young women who have been on the upfront fighting ISIS. 

Now, if you do have your Women of the Year 2014 to add to this list, feel free to insert her name in a comment therein, while telling us why.

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