About Modus Operandi Mauritius

Modus Operandi means, by strict definition, a particular course of concurrent actions intended to achieve a result.

This is how we would describe our intervention in the setting up of a Social Media Strategy, Marketing Campaign or Plan. Each step of our actions has the ultimate goal of contributing positively to ROI and to the Image Enhancement of a Brand, Product, Tradename, Service, Organisation or Company.

Modus Operandi Mauritius offers services for meaningful Social Media Strategies. We focus mainly on the Mauritian specificities to deliver relevant plans and strategies to local SMEs and Companies. We partner with the most valued local IT professionals to offer services that encompass good practices, technologies and techniques for a clean, profitable and respectable Social Media presence.
Modus Operandi utilizes hi-yield toolsets  in terms of programming, monitoring and ranking services. We work following proven frameworks designed by prominent global ‘influencers’ but will usually advise to adapt them to fit local market realities as well as specifics linked to social habits and lifestyle.

Our main assets are our:

  • Listening quality
  • Capacity at analyzing and translating data fetched from communities and networks
  • Commitment to the job
  • Dedication to flawless support and innovation.

Should you need to know more about us contact us right away. We usually respond within 24 hours.