And when did I start to open my eyes ?

Then Came The Political Awakening

Through 2010, I started to reflect on ways to respond to a long going chain of ill-doings and scandals by the people mandated by the Mauritian nation as a whole, to run the country’s everyday affairs and to protect the most vulnerable of our society. Institutionalized corruption,  incompetence and bad governance, all linked to religious and communal nepotism, have been distorting the Mauritians‘ people view of normal life. This has lead to greater egoistic approaches to social problems which in turn left the poorer part of the population deprived of the most basic attention.
I then started to voice out through Facebook pages but realized that it would be a lonely Don Quixote-like battle. I needed to find a natural born leader to intensify the fight. This moment came in 2011.

Late August 2011, a simple call from controversial Mauritian social activist and photographer Jameel Peerally got a new movement going via Facebook. The WANTED 15000 youngsters to save our future initiative was born and with it, the hope to make things move and advance. I joined the movement, on the basis of my 15-yr old friendship with Jameel Peerally, with the will to help out with my experience of Social Media Strategy and Management. From thereon, my will to fight all sorts of injustice in Mauritius did nothing but grow exponentially and proportionally as I discovered more and more of my fellow contrymen’s hardship.

I am proud today to expose my intimate political conscience.

Managing a +21K members Facebook wall (pt 3)


Associated to a Cause, Community Management is a useful Weapon of Massive Awareness. It acts as a strategic ally in building, consolidating awareness around the foundations, values or the overall image of the Movement. Dynamic Community Management is a powerful catalyst and accelerator for the development of new objectives, events or achievements and can be the basis of the Movement’s success in the real world. WANTED’s September 10’s Port Louis successful Protest March is the perfect example! Fighting the basics of the cause becomes, then, futile! Read More

Managing a +21K members Facebook wall (pt 2)


Community Management is surely the biggest buzz of this century. It’s the new talk of the cybertown. A new department created within web-related businesses, along with the powering up of Social Media and Networks.

Describing Community Management would imply writing at least a thousand pages about the art and techniques of driving a group of people, within one or more virtual networks, towards a common objective, respective of common interests. To make it simpler, it’s about governing, policing and motivating groups. In the broader picture, it would be about legislating and enforcing. Read More

Managing a +21K members Mauritian Facebook wall ! (pt 1)

WANTED : 15,000 Youngsters to Save OUR Future!PREAMBLE

Managing a +21K members Mauritian Facebook wall, is just an awesome experience.

I won’t hide my pride of being associated to Jameel Peerally’s WANTED : 15,000 Youngsters to Save OUR Future! (called hereafter WANTED) commendable, timely, populist Facebook initiative. But I guess it is about time I shed some light on what the Facebook Administrator’s/ Moderator’s job is about. Read More

AZIR MORIS’ Caravan of Truth – 2nd outing

Assessing a Social Disaster in Vallee Pitot, Mauritius

The second edition of the Caravan of Truth took place on Sunday, 02nd of October 2011. It just unveiled another appalling piece of Modern Mauritius where in Vallee Pitot, We witnessed the slow slaughtering of our youth. Read More