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I am planning to fly to Nepal, for 3-4 weeks, to offer assistance by, lending my humble hands and by supporting fellow Relief Workers there, by bringing fresh supplies of Medkits, Femi-kits and Water-purifying tablets. I need your help.  Read More

Marissa Mayer, America’s New Golden Girl

Marissa Mayer, new Yahoo CEOMarissa Mayer will earn USD 130M, if everything goes well for Yahoo.

Marissa Mayer, 37, who jumped on board Yahoo from Google Maps Division and key spokesperson will be earning a gross USD 130M over the five next years.

NYT leaked out that her yearly gross salary as new Yahoo Head could well top USD 17M with 1M basic, 4M bonus and 12M in stock options.

If her leadership goes well, this may sum up to 130M or more over the next 5 years… if no bubble explodes.

Marissa actually stands as the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The October expected babyboy will surely love that.

Nexus 7 has landed

NEXUS 7 Enfin!

Google and Android continue their strong raid into the mobile market with the latest Nexus 7 tablet unveiled only this morning. Co-branding with Asus this time, Google mobile devices seem determined to position themselves as the most popular alternative with a start price at USD 199 (almost MRU 6000).

The super-thin, super-light 7-inch tablet is described by Hugo Barra, Google Product Management Director, as perfect for reading and watching videos with a 1280 x 800 HD display.
Packed with state of the art Tegra 3 chipset, a quad-core CPU and a 12-core GPU, Nexus 7 is also a master of connectivity with front-side camera, WIFI, Bluetooth, promoted as one the fastest tablets for gaming and browsing.

Watch the video for more.

Nexus 7 has landed