Modus Operandi’s Salute to the most beautifully held Olympiads – Goodbye London 2012…

… Welcome Rio

London 2012 Paralympics, Alain BERTRAND, Modus Operandi, Social Media MauritiusOh yeah and let the Samba begin, if this promises to be as good as this year.

London Summer Games are over. Lights are out in London after the gigantic Fireworks, the myriad of stars on a beautiful stage and in the stadium. Yes,  these 2012 Summer Games were exceptionnal. We should once again salute the 10000+ volunteers that have given their time, energy and pride in the name of Patriotism and for the love of their country. That was purely the direct and true translation and most beautiful response to JFK’s famous words:

… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. 

And they, the volunteers, but not only, just did that! They did for their country, they did for the World to see how much geniuses Brittons could be, how big their heart was. Same can apply to the thousands of courageous handicapped athletes who fought not only for better perception and acceptation of their condition but for their nation as well.

LONDON 2012? What a lesson!

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Modus Operandi’s selection of snaps from London Paralympics 2012.

How much more courageous are we, the “Normals”?

London 2012 Olympics and has been successful overall. The Paralympics have been even more stunningly mediatised via Social Media. Good for the benefit of Sports for all.

Here’s a selection of some of the snaps from the London 2012 Paralympics.

LONDON 2012 – What a Start !

LONDON 2012 – What a Start !

LONDON 2012 – Far beyond simple and naive competition… for sure!

From what I saw and felt… That does it. The 30th Olympiad of the modern era proved, to me at least, that We, the world,  are in transition time, gearing from a fully ego-centric material era to a more unifying global project. Yes… I remember someone telling me… Now the message is clear…

I watched the London 2012  £27M Opening Ceremony live from Mauritius. Damn the Financial Comptroller! That was real value.
Four hours of intense emotion and heart throbbing experience. From the 950 Drums mimicking the sounds of the Industrial Revolution, to McCartney‘s Hey Jude, through the innovative Social Media related fresque, Mr Bean’s humorously adding to the Chariots of Fire and the discovery of Sir Tim Bernes Lee, the very inventor of the World Wide Web, the very best of Great Britain was on show. Continue reading