Proud to be on 100% Mauritian Condominium project

Mauritian condominium in Quatre BornesModus Operandi Mauritius is proud indeed to be onboard this colossal endeavor. This unique 240-appartment realty project nested in a very dynamic and modern green outskirt of the country’s best urban location, Quatre Bornes ( our favorite town). It lies right in the heart of lively Mauritius where a wide palette of recreational, cultural and social facilities are available round the clock.

Its situation, 25 minutes from the seaside, 30 minutes off the airport and not more than 20 minutes from major business and shopping centres of the country, make the location exceptionally ideal for professionals and anyone who loves activities ranging from dining out to interaction with untouched nature.

Beyond being an incomparable residential haven, The Condominium allies the most modern building design and technologies to the unconditionnal repsect of the environment. Amenities and facilities are up to the highest international standards regarding comfort, safety and sustainability. As such, it offers by far the best place to live a laid-back lifestyle in a luxurious setup, while feeling socially responsible.

Facebook like any Civilized Society won’t Tolerate Racism…

And so will all other respected and respectable Social Media and Networks

There has recently been that racist scandal quaking the Mauritian Facebook Networks. It  links a 20 yr-old girl to some highly racist commentaries towards a fasting community. And like for those who saw the content expressed in dirty Mauritian Creole, there was my first reaction :

She should be arrested, as per the country’s legal standing on libeling, defamation and propagating racism and hatred messages, without regards if that was done online or not. It should go the same way, too, for the persons responsible, the owner/ creator of the Facebook Group or Page, who allowed such commentaries to be issued from their source.

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e-Reputation Monitoring and Management! How does this work?

e-Reputation is a real issue for modern Brands

Reputation, at all levels, makes the persona, makes the Brand, determines success or failure.

Better to hold a spell from afar than dispel it in light of day.

Kimberly King

If in the real World, things go like this, they just do so in the virtual World. Reputation on the Web and in Social Networks is just as essential. Online reputation is called e-Reputation and forms part of what Social Media Strategists have to nurture and manage during a campaign and beyond.

A good e-reputation is source of trust and peace of mind. It conveys confidence and a sense of pride. Such qualities, in return, bring in referrals and positive engagement either in terms of business/ market share or in terms of aura or personal charisma. And this is good for the ROI. Read More

Social Media: A New Stage of Evolution ?

Understanding the impact of Social Media.

Social Media is the 3rd Millennium’s technological revolution

 Social Media is The biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution.

Erik Qualman, Socialnomics

 While everything seem to be positively changing around us, some of our benchmark values are falling apart. Those beacons we used to rely on, as reference, are losing their relevance and becoming antinomic to modern lifestyle and dynamic marketing.

With broadband access cruising to globally reach 95% by 2015, the whole wide world can access a gigantic amount of information never experienced before, in less time than ever.

What is happening and how are Social Media changing our society and modes of communication ? Read More

14 Donts that won’t get you barred or banned by Facebook

Facebook Notifications Management (Mark as Spam!)

Facebook doesn’t like bots or other automated services that would bother its 800 million user-base. The platform expects civilized and uninterested human interaction and will not hesitate to chop down heads in some cases. Read More

Social Media is no common medium

Tip of the Day

Be Aware! Social Media is no common medium.

If you can shred a document and rely on faulty memories in real life, on the Internet whatever you say, show, write and comment is here to STAY FOREVER and will be dug out at the least expected moment.

Don’t ever talk, write, video or comment about things you don’t know about. NEVER !