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Client is King… But…

Social Media Campaigns, AlainBertrand, Modus Operandi, MauritiusClient is King and I will listen to him, but I’ll turn my back on him and his ready made imposed Bad Social Media Campaign rather than being a part of it.

Alain Bertrand on Client ready-made plans

Some truth about Blogs and Blogging in 2012

Blogs and Blogging – more than 500,000,000 Spaces of Freedom

A true success story

This trendy mode of expression first appeared in the 1990’s. It was about some geeks sharing their interests and thoughts with their fellow geeks on the cybersphere.

Initially designed as a web journal where personal stories, thoughts and events were logged into, the Blog is the contraction, a portemanteau of weB Log. It then created a buzz about creating content, which in turn, developped into a lucrative business. Remember Huffington Post which started as a blog to become today’s topmost content aggregator, weighing more than $ 500M. But it is still a hard way to make sustainable revenue at personal level. Read More

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Facebook ain’t no blank check to success…

Facebook ain't no blank check to success...

Social Media Marketing is…

Social Media Marketing is not about you…


Social Media users seldom post about Products and Brands. On Social Platforms, they would rather talk about their interests, their lives, their likes/ dislikes and about their friends.

So if you want to earn their committed engagement, be their friend, their like and part their life.

Alain BERTRAND on Social Media Marketing