Accumulating Fans on Facebook Is Useless…

Unless You Have Got What They Are Specifically Looking For

Article scooped from, by Yuchun LEE, Vice President, 
IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Group.

Size never matters, Quality does… Always! It’s better to have 100 advocates only, than have 100,000 fans or friends. This has been my credo ever since I started Social Media.

Alain Bertrand

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Tips for Handling Negative Comments and Trolls on Social Media (courtesy of Jeffbullas’s Blog)

Tips for Handling Negative Comments and Trolls

By Tara Hornor – Scooped from  Jeffbullas’s Blog 

Many businesses have second thoughts about joining the social media world because they are afraid of the potential for negative comments. Continue reading

Modus Operandi’s Salute to the most beautifully held Olympiads – Goodbye London 2012…

… Welcome Rio

London 2012 Paralympics, Alain BERTRAND, Modus Operandi, Social Media MauritiusOh yeah and let the Samba begin, if this promises to be as good as this year.

London Summer Games are over. Lights are out in London after the gigantic Fireworks, the myriad of stars on a beautiful stage and in the stadium. Yes,  these 2012 Summer Games were exceptionnal. We should once again salute the 10000+ volunteers that have given their time, energy and pride in the name of Patriotism and for the love of their country. That was purely the direct and true translation and most beautiful response to JFK’s famous words:

… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. 

And they, the volunteers, but not only, just did that! They did for their country, they did for the World to see how much geniuses Brittons could be, how big their heart was. Same can apply to the thousands of courageous handicapped athletes who fought not only for better perception and acceptation of their condition but for their nation as well.

LONDON 2012? What a lesson!

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Should Mark Zuckerberg be fired?

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO Facebook, Alain Berttrand, Modus Operandi, Mauritius, Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For how much it weighs, my answer is NO!

The way some murky capitalist system treats successful self-made men and women, especially in the innovative tech sector, is really indecent. Brilliant founder brains like Twitter‘s Dorsey, Vimeo‘s Lodwick, Google‘s Larry Page have gone down that lane. Even Charismatic Steve Jobs learned it the hardest way and more… during the past months, Facebook founder’s legitimacy has been and is still being questioned too.

Now what?

Does that mean that Entrepreneurs cannot be leaders? Or is it because, and for reasons attached to outrageous financial greed, thinkers must make place for coin counters? Continue reading

Client is King… But…

Social Media Campaigns, AlainBertrand, Modus Operandi, MauritiusClient is King and I will listen to him, but I’ll turn my back on him and his ready made imposed Bad Social Media Campaign rather than being a part of it.

Alain Bertrand on Client ready-made plans

Fighting Facebook Racism – Another Mauritian Witch-hunt Story

Fighting Facebook Racism – Another Mauritian Witch-hunt Story

The Big Season Cleanup has started on the Mauritian Social Networks

Havoc in the  Mauritius “SocialMediaverse”?

Racism, Sex and Trolls are seriously being dealt with on the Mauritian Facebook Network these days. Pages and accounts are being forced to spontaneously close down and the surge in repressing ill-doers by local police, is being welcomed.

But this was bound to happen within a constantly growing network. As the +300k users local platform matures, more illegal (by local standards) curiosities are being uncovered, pointed out and denounced. Individuals are feeling the urge to clean up the mess caused by excessive freedom abuse by some very few wayward apprentices. Continue reading

Some truth about Blogs and Blogging in 2012

Some truth about Blogs and Blogging in 2012

Blogs and Blogging – more than 500,000,000 Spaces of Freedom

A true success story

This trendy mode of expression first appeared in the 1990’s. It was about some geeks sharing their interests and thoughts with their fellow geeks on the cybersphere.

Initially designed as a web journal where personal stories, thoughts and events were logged into, the Blog is the contraction, a portemanteau of weB Log. It then created a buzz about creating content, which in turn, developped into a lucrative business. Remember Huffington Post which started as a blog to become today’s topmost content aggregator, weighing more than $ 500M. But it is still a hard way to make sustainable revenue at personal level. Continue reading