Why DOOH Advertising is Big Thing…

Basically Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is about reaching target consumers while out at work, travelling, in transit, shopping or socializing. DOOH is its Digital offspring.

According to a Posterscope USA OOH consumer survey, 23% of 18-34s search while on the street; 26% search while travelling on a bus/train/car; and 26% shop while on their mobile. This trend is not only an American exclusive. It is being experienced almost everywhere, like in South Africa poised to become the World’s 16th OOH market with revenues of the order of R5.1 Billion. South Africa also tops the continent in terms of digitized OOH sector, with a R1.7 billion-worth market. Read More

Bonne fet Moris, Exkiz Nou!

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Yes I am proud to be called Mauritian, proud of having been born in a peaceful country which gives me all I need to be happy and prosperous.

Bonne Fete mo zoli ti zil … Bonne fete!

Happy Independence day Mauritius! Beautiful Island! Yes I am proud to be called Mauritian, proud of having been born in a peaceful country which gives me all I need to be happy and prosperous.

Thank you Mauritius!

This gratefulness is marred with a feeling of guilt though. You give so much, yet what have you received from us; children of yours?

Excuse me Mauritius!

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Alain Bertrand’s Top Women of 2015

 Through the Islander’s Prism

This is the fourth edition, and thanks for following and this time I decided to celebrate them on this Women’s International day 🙂

Here we go again, my choice of the 10 best women of 2015, seen through the Islander’s Prism… Enjoy, share and comment

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Il n’y a rien de plus effrayant que de se retrouver, sur ses réseaux sociaux, au milieu d’une horde hurlante qui trouve que plus de 120 personnes tuées en moins de deux heures ne méritent pas que l’on s’y attarde un peu, sous prétexte qu’ailleurs existent aussi des gens qui meurent !

Suite aux attentats de Paris du 13 novembre 2015, certains commentaires de mauriciens (peu tout de même) sur Facebook et Twitter, m’ont donné froid dans le dos. Cela ressemblait à une sorte de légitimation d’un des attentats les plus meurtriers sur le sol européen. Même si en nombre ils n’étaient que très peu, ces commentaires me donnaient l’indication que même à Maurice, la radicalisation islamiste commençait subtilement à porter ses fruits et que les messages de Daech commençait à trouver certains Fans sur notre sol… Et ça, c’est dangereux ! Même si les libertés, ici, sont relativement très respectées!

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The Mauritian Bat Cull… Tackling Some Illegitimate Outcries !

I may not agree to the thought of a massive, blind uncontrolled bat cull in Mauritius, but what I dislike most are the downgrading comments from some down-looking, colonial-thinking tourists who see Mauritius as their legacy and its Fauna and Flora as their property.

Watching a bat eating a fruit from your 5-star hotel window, during your 5-day honeymoon, doesn’t make you a specialist of the bat cause. Neither does the fact of having left your country for decades makes you an absolute nature lover. One may have opinions, feel sad about the killing of animals or feel pain over some environmental injustice, but in any case, shall one have the right to treat Mauritians as a bunch of mindless idiots…

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La Loi Badhain… Une Charrue avant les Bœufs !

Il y a La Bonne Gouvernance et… Les Droits…

Que l’on veuille institutionnaliser la chasse aux richesses mal acquises et aux fraudeurs est, en soi, une bonne chose. Mais se prémunir d’un projet de loi qui va à l’encontre de la présomption d’innocence et du droit à la propriété du citoyen mauricien, pour y arriver, relève d’une forme de répression perverse, d’une justice inéquitable et de l’ivresse du pouvoir.

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