Social Media Consultancy

Consultancy for Social Media Campaigns, Strategies & Plans, Alain Bertrand, Modus Operandi, Mauritius

Take the best from Social Media Campaigns

Modus Operandi’s main activity is about setting up and advising on Social Media Marketing strategies. Whatever your business size and specific needs regarding online market research, social media marketing plans, creating social media networks, we will help you take the best of Social Media.

Who can benefit from these services?

  • Brands
  • Commercial Companies
  • Marketing, PR and Communciation Companies
  • Startups and Market entrants
  • SMEs
  • Non-profit Associations
  • NGOs
  • Causes groups

What can be earned and learned from this service?

Alain’s Social Media Consultancy services generally serve at:

  • Setting up of a 360-approach blueprint for devising, implementing and managing Social Media policies and frameworks, relatively to sectorial standards.
  • Devising and designing specific social media marketing campaigns.
  • Devising and designing online Advertising plans.
  • Cross-sector resources identification, creation and integration for Social Media Framework Optimisation.
  • Contractual on-going aftersales and support.
  • Special small-budget tweaks for SMEs on their Social Media Strategy
  • In-house training for a wide range of organizations.

The outcome will depend on how the client will offer to implement the Social Media Framework and advice.

What are the areas covered by Alain Bertrand’s consultancy services

Social Media integration is about the utilisation of a non-exhaustive set of tools. It is about complex application of monitoring techniques, technological offerings and Toolsets with the aim to identify, serve and analyse targetted groups of consumers, followers and users. This comes with specific challenges linked to success and failure. Providing for these is a must when devising a Social Media Strategy. Getting geared to properly deal with good fortune or downturns on Social Networks is the key to success. Our aim is to provide advice and eventually services about:

  • Community, Content and Media Management
  • Qualitative and Quantitative SM report templating.
  • Data translation and integration into realworld campaigns.
  • Monitoring devices and strategies.
  • e-reputation management and online contingency planning.
  • Online Crisis Management.

What about the fees?

Fees vary with the nature of projects. They may include retainer arrangements. This will only be known after an assessment of the specific needs of your organization and of the necessary level of support required. Note: Fees are automatically adjusted to the local market scales. Get in touch and send a synopsis of what you think you might need in terms of Social Media Presence and Marketing.

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