Reflecting on Another Mauritius

My Mauritius is definitely not theirs!

Handicapped Children in cultural activities in a APEIM managed centre Mauritius

Handicapped Children in cultural activities in a APEIM-managed centre

I read sometime last week that 250 mentally handicapped young Mauritians will be denied free education as from January 2014.

I wake up almost every morning, since then, with that DAMNING thought banging in my head! In fact, I can’t sleep well…

250 most vulnerable of our citizens will be out of the Educational circuit, because the Government of Mauritius would only afford MUR 19,000 of the MUR 50,000 needed per handicapped child. L’APEIM is closing its 9 centres and their decision, presumably, will not be reconsidered.  Continue reading

Here we are ! Doing the job of the Government ! Damn YOU !

I have a grave message for you all to listen… It comes from the peeps’ heart and it conveys what the authorities haven’t been able to do in our name… PARDON !

Our People’s Pardon :

Message from a deeply stained Mauritian PEOPLE…

Thank you to:

Take OUR words for what they are…

WE (as the People of Mauritius) are sorry… WE implore your most profound pardon… WE People of Mauritius do not abide to what has been causing havoc and mayhem. Continue reading

104 Billion reasons to keep Facebook free for ever ?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

104 Billion reasons to keep Facebook free for ever ?

He made it! Zuckerberg made it. He got Facebook more than three times what they were initially looking for, only last year. With 421 million shares sold at 38 USD, Facebook becomes the third biggest IPO on US soil and 5th worldwide of all time, with 16 Billion USD.

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Fairwell my 2011 Facebook Year… Welcome 2012

My 2011 Facebook year was a bright one…

Thanks to Mauritian Facebookers for making my year !

We have been almost 300,000 Mauritians to connect regularly as Facebookers. With enhanced Social Media Growth (+7.44%) and penetration (+23.09%), we are top of the hill, 2nd in Africa behind Tunisia. In fact, we stand proudly in the global streamline at a reasonable 97th position on 213, regarding population penetration.

First, my 2011 Social Media Awards

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AZIR MORIS’ Caravan of Truth – 2nd outing

Assessing a Social Disaster in Vallee Pitot, Mauritius

The second edition of the Caravan of Truth took place on Sunday, 02nd of October 2011. It just unveiled another appalling piece of Modern Mauritius where in Vallee Pitot, We witnessed the slow slaughtering of our youth. Continue reading


Welcome to Alain Bertrand’s Blog about a New Mauritius!

Yeah! I am Alain BERTRAND, social activist from beautiful Mauritius Island. I am involved with Facebook-spawned social movement, AZIR MORIS, as we look at changing Mauritius by fighting local Communalism, Corruption, Bad Governance and Dirty Politics. Even if I do not mingle with existing local political parties, I am a rightist who believes in capitalism with a serious social face. Continue reading