Ameeksha Dilchand #4 Top 10 Women 2014

Beloved country, May God Bless thee..

Beautiful Mauritius… Some more food for thought

Ameeksha Dilchand is one of my Top 10 Women of 2014. She, who I call the Perfect Ambassadress, is one of the most iconic figures of the Mauritian pageant industry. She started as a participant and ended up last year as an organiser.

This year, she pursues her actions against autism and she stepped into politics. Knowing her wits, guts and righeousness, I’ll bet on her capacities at going far out to become an unmissable beacon for the entire Mauritian nation.

Ameeksha is, to my eyes, one these young Mauritian ladies packed with what I dare to call “Valeurs du Mauriciannisme” (values of the Mauritian way of Life). Read More

Alain Bertrand - Top 10 Women of the Year

Alain Bertrand’s Top Women of 2014

TOP 10 WOMEN of  the Year, Through the Islander’s Prism

Here we go again… with much pleasure and pride… again… as I go up through my 2014 timelines, to set up the Hit Parade of those Women who made my year. Here’s the 3rd season.

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Alain Bertrand’s Top-10 Women of the Year

MY TOP 10 WOMEN of  2012

Like I said in a previous blogpost, 2012 has been quite a flat good year. But it also looked like Venus’ last solar transit gave women a boost like never before. Noticeably in business, causes, politics where they seem to instill a new style in management and initiative taking. Their moves have been smarter, sexily intelligent, and gutsy at times. They have been ruling the thoughts leadership planet, getting things to be seen, felt in a somehow unusual perspective. But then again, it worked out well!  The girls, this year have shown that serious pragmatic matters can be run with the heart, with experience and manly logic as supporting the drive. Here’s my personal Top 10 Women of the year, beyond their natural beauty, they have, at least, one common feature… Innovation!…  Even my 75-years young Mum!

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