Le Domaine Les Pailles cédé aux Chinois : La SIC dépouille les mauriciens d’un de leurs derniers fleurons.

#Lexpressmu annoncait aujourd’hui : Yihai International prend Domaine les Pailles

Moi je l’aurai titré autrement :

Le Domaine Les Pailles cédé aux Chinois : La SIC dépouille les mauriciens d’un de leurs derniers fleurons.

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Ponzi or Not Ponzi… That is NOT the Question !

La nouvelle abrutissante tomba, sur mon poste, comme une chape de plomb, à 00:45 le vendredi 03 avril 2015 ! La licence de la Bramer Banking Corporation Limited venait d’être brutalement révoquée par la Banque de Maurice, alors que la population, aux abords du weekend de Pâques, dormait paisiblement à poings fermés.

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Modus Operandi Announces First Social Media Private Talks Session

What we learned from Social Media Management and Marketing in 2012, will just be good for the bin, at least for most of it. 2013 marks the start of a new era in Social Media as a Marketing discipline. We will need to learn how to anticipate and how to plan Online Marketing Campaigns with significant headroom.

Alain Bertrand – Social Media Strategist


Session ONE – Learning about Social Media Shifts in 2013 – Feb. 2013


Social Media Private Talks are Speaking Sessions where only 22 privileged CEOs, Marketing and Communication executives will be invited to take knowledge of the latest development and trends in the world of Social Media. We will be talking about ways to deal with them and how to apply the fundamentals thereof, in our local Mauritian context. Read More

About Crisis Management and Contingency Planning

I stick by the principle that one can always somehow recover from public’s bad commentaries, but it is very hard and sometimes impossible to win back trust from corporates and institutions that experienced unprofessional handling…

Alain Bertrand, about Crisis Management and Contingency Planning

We are looking for a Sales Executive

Jobs @ Modus Operandi, Social Media, Alain Bertrand, Mauritius
Are you looking for a high return freelance sales job? Do YOU need a Part-time job?
Are YOU good at selling and persuading people and companies that you have got the best solutions for them? 

We at, MODUS OPERANDI Mauritius, are looking for an autonomous SALES EXECUTIVE… And that could be you!

We offer Consultancy services as well as Training & Coaching in Social Media. We are launching a series of workshops dedicated to NGOs, Public and Corporate targets. We need to market these modern forms of training.

In that sense, MODUS OPERANDI Mauritius is looking for an energetic, detailed sales executive with excellent communication and project management skills to manage and spearhead punctual sales operations. Read More

Facebook like any Civilized Society won’t Tolerate Racism…

And so will all other respected and respectable Social Media and Networks

There has recently been that racist scandal quaking the Mauritian Facebook Networks. It  links a 20 yr-old girl to some highly racist commentaries towards a fasting community. And like for those who saw the content expressed in dirty Mauritian Creole, there was my first reaction :

She should be arrested, as per the country’s legal standing on libeling, defamation and propagating racism and hatred messages, without regards if that was done online or not. It should go the same way, too, for the persons responsible, the owner/ creator of the Facebook Group or Page, who allowed such commentaries to be issued from their source.

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