War On Coal – Indians are NOT Stupid… Mauritian Politicians are…

Indians are not Stupid…

Sun Power in India

Just three years ago, grid-connected solar power in the country was less than 12 MW. By the end of 2011, India had acquired 190 MW in solar power generation capacity. By March 2013, that figure will grow five-fold to 1,000 MW under the Solar Mission targets alone… (source Business Today)

And Yes… Indeed…Indians are definitely NOT Stupid… And to our own shame we must admit : “Our Politicians and their Politically-nominated consultants are!”

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NO! There will be no End to Consciousness in 2012!


Last night while watching Emmerich’s 2012, the film, on TV with my son, I had this reflection to him…

I wished all this would happen, because:

If I survived, I could tell everything I saw to my kids… I Would be part of the rebooting team.


If I were killed, it would be just too bad, but at least, I would die almost instantly. And if there were any survivors, in some ways they would be telling a piece of my story. Continue reading