Synthetic Marijuana : While Others Can’t See, Let’s Level Up the Alarms…


While the country’s Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth and Health Minister, Anil Gayan, keep publicly denying realistic relationships between synthetic drugs overdose with some cases of suspicious youth death, We, simple commoners know for sure, that synthetic marijuana is linked to psychosis, brain, and kidney damage.

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The Mauritian Bat Cull… Tackling Some Illegitimate Outcries !

I may not agree to the thought of a massive, blind uncontrolled bat cull in Mauritius, but what I dislike most are the downgrading comments from some down-looking, colonial-thinking tourists who see Mauritius as their legacy and its Fauna and Flora as their property.

Watching a bat eating a fruit from your 5-star hotel window, during your 5-day honeymoon, doesn’t make you a specialist of the bat cause. Neither does the fact of having left your country for decades makes you an absolute nature lover. One may have opinions, feel sad about the killing of animals or feel pain over some environmental injustice, but in any case, shall one have the right to treat Mauritians as a bunch of mindless idiots…

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La Loi Badhain… Une Charrue avant les Bœufs !

Il y a La Bonne Gouvernance et… Les Droits…

Que l’on veuille institutionnaliser la chasse aux richesses mal acquises et aux fraudeurs est, en soi, une bonne chose. Mais se prémunir d’un projet de loi qui va à l’encontre de la présomption d’innocence et du droit à la propriété du citoyen mauricien, pour y arriver, relève d’une forme de répression perverse, d’une justice inéquitable et de l’ivresse du pouvoir.

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Principes, Moralité et… Pragmatisme !

Principes, Moralité et… Pragmatisme !

Article par Alain Bertrand, paru dans LE MAURICIEN, le 3 JUILLET, 2015

Donc voilà ! Encore une page de l’histoire des MAM de tournée. Cela en fait déjà beaucoup depuis leur arrivée au pouvoir ! Et c’est tant mieux pour le changement que nous recherchions. Le meilleur signal aura été surtout la dignité de Pravind Jugnauth dans sa manière d’assumer une décision de justice qui l’aura frappé de plein fouet. Read More

Ponzi or Not Ponzi… That is NOT the Question !

La nouvelle abrutissante tomba, sur mon poste, comme une chape de plomb, à 00:45 le vendredi 03 avril 2015 ! La licence de la Bramer Banking Corporation Limited venait d’être brutalement révoquée par la Banque de Maurice, alors que la population, aux abords du weekend de Pâques, dormait paisiblement à poings fermés.

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After the Iqbal Toofanny Ordeal…

Another Mauritian Tale about Police Brutality… But shouldn’t we go beyond ?

On the 2nd of March this year, the news came out as a traumatising shockwave to entire Mauritius!

Iqbal Toofanny, 42 yr-old father of three, was declared deceased by the coroner, 48 hrs after his arrest and stay in custody. Publicized photographic evidence showed multiple contusion and bruises, on several parts of Toofanny’s body. These made no doubt about how the 42 year old citizen, was mistreated, brutalized and beaten up while in Police Custody.

Five suspects, all CID (Central Investigation Department) officers, were indicted on charges of torture and later bailed out on a Rs 9 000 (300 USD) bond, after 24 hrs detention. This, by itself, has been lived through as mere injustice, by an entire empathic population. The entire Police Force and Mauritian judiciary became (again) suspects of unequal justice delivery, towards simple citizen. How can five Police officers come out with a Rs 9000 bail, when there are strong unrebuttable presumption of torture and manslaughter? The Scene was set!

To the eyes of many, this kind of situation could have triggered social chaos. Should this had happened under the previous detested Ramgoolam government, there would have definitely been profound social unrest and riots, like in 1999 when iconic creole singer Kaya died in Police Custody. Read More