ImageMauritian activist Alain Bertrand, Head of Communication of Pressure Group Azir Moris (Act Mauritius) protesting against coal, has been unlawfully arrested at 18:00 on the 12th of March, at the Mauritius 45th Independence Day celebrations at Anjalay stadium. His whereabouts got only to be known at around 22:00. He was denied bail and forced into police custody for three days, under false charges of “Ridiculising the National Flag”. Counsels Ramano and Rutnah pressured Court to obtain that bail be granted to him on 15th of March 2013.   Continue reading

En route for a White Christmas…

Ever danced on a White Christmas?

And Yes! Less than 50 days before Christmas.

While some are getting ready for their white one, we the People of Mauritius are still wondering how ours will be: Black, Red, Blue, Mauve…
One thing is sure, it’s gonna be another bitter one, politically speaking.

Dark, Filthy… and Yet…

If I ever wanted to see dark filthy political machinations in Mauritius, this last week made my very day, with obvious questions wiggling in my little head.
How can one mauritian digest such jingle jots from these MPs who think non-else than to stick to some sort of scientific communal gamble and to the power stations attached therewith? Continue reading