Azir Moris gives 67 minutes on Mandela Day


Azir Moris celebrates Mandela Day in Albion, Mauritius

Mr Mandela has spent 67 years making the world a better place. We’re asking you for 67 minutes.

Responding to a call by the UN to celebrate Nelson Mandela‘s birthday this year on the theme “67 minutes of your time “, Azir Moris has devoted 67 minutes (and a little bit more) to helping others, in Albion, Mauritius. Continue reading

Onboard the RIO+20 Global Initiative through Global Dialogues

The Big Splash into the GLOBAL DIALOGUES

This has been 2 weeks since I got onboard the Mauritian team working towards the UN Conference Rio+20 initiative. What a rich, fruitful fortnight this has been! As a professional and an individual it has been very much inspiring.

For me, that was the perfect timing to meet with world class individuals and professionals, to start working on communication concepts that would boost the Mauritius Ile Durable (MID) Concept amidst the Global effort to change attitudes towards the environmental problems plaguing our planet.

I would suggest you join the move too. (by Clicking on the links provided at the end of the article).  It is your world, your planet and your future after all ! Continue reading